About me


Shirui “Peter” Ye

Founder & Full Stack Developer of Yeternet

Email: shiruiye916@gmail.com

Education: BA/BS, Boston University

Major: Computer Science

Professional Skills

  • Coding languages: Python, Java, C, Golang, Matlab, Pascal
  • Web techniques: HTML, JavaScript (React JS and Node JS), jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Canvas, CodeIgniter
  • Web content management: WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Wix
  • Desktop support tools: Putty, WinSCP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wireshark, OneDrive, Sharepoint, ActiveDirectory, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Relevant Experience

Full Stack Web Application Developer | Unibit | Boston, MA | 03/2018-Present

• Developing web application (Company product) which generates financial articles from data sets.

• Being responsible for frontend design and development • Building commercial website http://www.unibit.ai

• Constructing database and connecting backend

Webmaster | Union of Minority Neighborhoods | Boston, MA | 02/2018-Present

• Developing, editing website http://unionofminorityneighborhoods.org

• Maintaining Website content and Social medias including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Full Stack Web Developer | Designers Circus Inc. | Allston, MA | 10/2017-present

• Developed Frontend and Backend for the block chain website http://designerscircus.com/CirceSite/index.html and digital currency website http://infobank.info/BitNick/index.html

• Developed Unit test and maintained website http://infobank.info

Web Developer / Digital Market Specialist | LuxCouture Inc. | Newton, MA | 08/2017-04/2018

• Developed, edited online shopping website http://www.luxcouture.com , conducted AB test, and manage database.

• Updated web contents and maintaining websites by managing domains and online commercials

• Created full content blog http://www.luxcoutureblog.com

• Analyzed website performance through Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google MyBusiness

Teaching Assistant for Advanced Software Engineering | Boston University | Boston, MA | 01/2017-12/2017

• Devised and developed web applications by applying HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL

• Researched about software engineering

• Assisted the professor and instructed students in web application development

Group Leader | Global App Initiative | Boston, MA | 09/2015-06/2017

• Introduced basic skills about application development to students and members

• Organized application development workshop Web Developer / IT Specialist | Rabitz Inc. (An digital storybook company) | Boston, MA | 03/2015-08/2015

• Designed and built full content storybook websites by using HTML, JS, CSS and jQuery

• Modified animations for thirty digital storybooks in total by applying Illustrator and Photoshop

• Maintained the websites weekly by checking users’ feedbacks and running through the backend of the websites

Projects and Applications

  • Web application: “Find My Professor”

This application lets users find their professors’ office hours and locations easily by providing all information of professors from Boston University CS departments. Users can search for professors’ office locations and office hours according to professors’ names and even users’ course numbers directly. The users then get directions to the corresponding professors’ offices.

  • Application: “Whoogle”

This application provides the path which leads users to approach their crushes by combining three algorithms which are trust value algorithm, location based similarity algorithm, and compatibility algorithm.

  • RSA encryption and decryption

This is an implementation of RSA encryption and decryption using Python.

  • Other applications that are implemented with different coding languages

AI for Connect 4 (Implemented with Java), MapReduce Distributed System (Implemented with Golang), Hand Gesture Detection (Implemented with C++)


  • Fluent in English; Native Chinese speaker; Intermediate conversation in Spanish and Japanese;